Extra Hours: March 30th

This week, we’re doing something a little different. We have so very much enjoyed seeing all of your inspirational pictures in the Flickr pool that today we’re sharing a large selection of YOUR images from 9am.

Next week, we’re starting on our 10am images. We can’t wait to see and share yours!

Daniel Gurrola

9am—String of Pearls
Marisa Cieloha

11-52: Mornings 9AM
Tallula Wilkie

11.52 - Mornings - 9 a.m. The Hours
Angie | San Diego, California, USA

Morning Light
Riis Jones

the getaway
Corey Lynn Tucker | Hartford,  CT

Judith's Pond | 09:14:09
TW Colins | Guilford, Vermont

9:18 a.m.
Kelly Ishmael | Tulsa, Arizona

dishes 9am (March)
Tana Teel | Prosser, Washington, USA

Fuego mañanero /9 40AM/ Playa San Bernardo

9:48 am  Dusting off the closet
Andrea Dias Haddaway | Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Cheyenne, Soul Friend~
Lemon Yellow Sky | Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Michele | St Paul, Minnesota, USA

3 thoughts on “Extra Hours: March 30th

  1. These images make me want to break my own rules. I love them and I was so very sorry to hear about Corey’s kitty:( I’m so happy though that through photography an image and moment was captured forever. Beautiful project and so happy to share it with the flickr group pool. I’m serious. I may have a new set of rules for the 2nd quarter;)

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