About us

This website is a collective project in which a group of photographers, who met on Flickr, each post a single image every month, taken during a particular hour of the day. We’re starting in January 2014 with 7am and continuing through 2015 (so images posted that month will be taken between 7am and 8am) and then moving through the day by an hour each month: to 8am in February 2014, and so forth. Each month’s post is updated every Sunday. We hope that posting images taken in different places around the world, but at the same time of day, will both celebrate the diversity of our lives and bring us together as we share glimpses of our daily activities.

Join in by sharing your images in our Flickr group. You can also Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @thehours2015 or use the hashtag #thehours2015.

Elizabeth Alarcon-Arocena
Born in NYC and raised in  Bolivia and Texas, she considers all her home as all three shaped who she is today.  She moved back to NYC in her mid 20’s and is now a wife,  a mom and works fulltime.  She purchased her first DSLR in 2008 and tried to figure out the use for the A, P, S, and M dial .  She floundered in photography forums until by sheer luck she found someone who would eventually become a mentor and introduce her to street photography…she never looked back.  She’ll shoot with anything but her iphone is always on her and probably should just be welded to her  hand.  She credits street photography for keeping her saneish.

hoursbiomamaowl-4 Audrey Amaro is a wife, mama, and  almost full time photographer living in Philadelphia PA. While she doesn’t like to label the art she makes with her camera, she does like to tell stories as she clicks.  She’s a sci fi geek and bookworm, yoga enthusiast, and wine lover. She kinda sorta also may be obsessed with owls.

Amy Bader
is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. There’s been some dabbling in photojournalism, writing, a good long stretch of veterinary medicine, and a return to picture-taking and story-telling. She’s living in Central Pennsylvania and trying to figure it all out.

Alison Bents
is a St. Paul, Minnesota based photographer who is also a daughter, sister, wife, and mother. She comes at her photography steeped in a mixture of training in English Literature, Religion and a lifelong immersion in music. In a nutshell: Finger on the shutter, office supply junkie, tea guru, coffee drinker, eternal student, yearning for travel, pining for tales, learning how to live in the here, and maybe the now, documenting it all along the way.

Xanthe Berkeley
is a photographer, film-maker & visual story-teller. Filling the frame with bright colours, movement, sunshine and smiles; her work centres around family life and adventures.

10846741_10205947031579919_1151036574_n Jennifer Calderon is a single mom, professional photographer, & journeyer. To stay balanced, she doodles, crochets, plays guitar & tennis, and captures the world around her with digital and Polaroid cameras. She lives in Southern California north of Los Angeles, road tripping up and down the coast and into the Sierra Mountains at every opportunity.

Deborah Candeub
lives in the shadow of Washington DC and loves hunting for the beautiful and the curious with a camera in hand.

untitled-5 Vanessa Castoe is an Oklahoma native who spends most of her time (let’s be honest here) cleaning up after her 3 crazy, amazing kids. When she’s not trying to climb out of her mountains of laundry she’s either working as a part time school librarian, being a portrait photographer on the weekends, or trying to con her husband of 11 years into driving to Sonic to buy her another milkshake. She has an unhealthy obsession with comic books, boys who can play the banjo, coffee, whiskey, and her camera.

Trina Dopp
was born and bred in the Midwest but a California girl in her heart, which is why she now lives in Sunny San Diego. Good thing that is where her two gorgeous daughters, fabulous son-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren all reside! She is a freelance graphic designer and a private tutor with a deep passion for photography (seascapes & landscapes her primary outlet). She shoots with a Nikon D610 & an iPhone 5c and loves editing ‘almost’ as much as the capture. She loves to chase light, travel off the beaten path and discover tasty new craft brews; preferably all at the same time!

Amy Drucker
is a photographer living in the suburbs outside of new york city. she is mama to two boys who don’t like to be photographed and spends most of her time photographing other people’s children. she relaxes by baking or drinking strong coffee and dreams of one day living by the sea.

Lisa Epp
Longing for an island to live on, I’m currently a CA girl, caregiver to two hyper needy dogs. Wife, and almost empty nester. I am a homebody, early riser, and craft addict. I find my peace in the little moments I get to commune with nature, chasing leaves and playing in my garden. I shoot with my trusty Nikon d700 , and my 50mm rarely leaves my camera.

Cara Farnell
Champion grilled cheese maker and juke box DJ, this girl is one of the biggest photodorks you’ll ever meet. Raised in New Jersey, spent a few years in New Mexico, a few in Lawrence, Kansas, one in central New York, and now Tacoma, Washington, with the love of my life and my pal, Rosie. You’ll mostly find me shooting film and iPhone these days. I shoot 35mm (Minolta x-370, Yashica fx-2, and Nikon F100) and medium format (Hasselblad 500c/m, Minolta Autocord, and Pentax 6×7).

Jaime Foran
is a computer programmer and children’s photographer living in Northern New Jersey. She loves freckles, sweet morning light and the sound of her children giggling.

Andrea Golden
 is an East coast gal who was transplanted to the Midwest in pursuit of higher learning and a deeper understanding of all things art. Photography tethers her to this beautiful world, and lately, if it’s not film she wants it to look like it.

Stephanie Gough
is a wife, mom, and self-taught photographer exploring her world one click at a time.  When this Atlanta resident isn’t busy homeschooling her two teenage daughters or wrangling one (or all three) of the family pets, you’ll find her capturing special moments with her trusty Canon 7D.  Fences, bokeh and blur have a special place in her heart, alongside chocolate and a good margarita.  She finds the constant challenges of photography to be exhilarating and fulfilling.

Heather Halotek is a New England based muggle who most definitely believes in magic. This soccer mom focuses on capturing her boys, their big dog and huge cat doing the ordinary things families do – along with laughing, smiling and just being silly. She loves shooting with her Canon and iPhone and hates sorting socks.

hoursbiomarharp- Mary Harper is a lover of art in all its forms. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and five teenage daughters and is big on family, loud laughter and random acts of kindness. She currently works as second grade teacher’s aide and recently began painting kids shoes for a non-profit called Peach’s Neet Feet which has become a passion. In her free time you’ll likely find her with her camera, paints, or sketch pad. Or simply enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch with her blue-eyed pup, Roxy.

Michele Jensen
is a Midwestern girl at heart but she also loves spending time in the mountains and taking long walks in the woods.  Photography is her escape and also where she finds her bliss.  She loves experimenting with bokeh and blur and one can almost always find her out chasing the light at the end of the day.  She recently got a Holga 120N film camera and looks forward to experimenting with that this year.  Michele currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.  “Life is a gift and every day I am alive and can take another picture, I am filled with gratitude.”

Andy Kennelly
has worked in the graphics and printing industry in Los Angeles for the last two decades. This background has provided him with a broad understanding of color and composition which has served as a platform for his artistic expression. Andy uses a variety of films and cameras to create his images. He’s addicted to the sound of his Hasselblad. Andy loves living with his beautiful wife and three lovely daughters. Dark beer and dark chocolate always make his day better.

Staci Kennelly is mom, teacher, mentor, and housemaid to three amazing girls. She is a film photographer living in Los Angeles and is most happy when her Mamiya is loaded with Fuji Reala. She likes her cameras old, her shoes comfortable, and her whiskey neat.

Sara Lamp
lives in El Segundo, Southern California. She is really 6ft tall and dreams of owning a VW bus traveling around using her canon, iPhone and all her film cameras while being on epic adventures. Jump shots make her smile and she loves gourmet Mac n cheese.

Angela Lumsden
 lives in Perth, Western Australia. Currently taking a break from working as a doctor, it now seems she spends all her time at the beach with her two children and West Highland terrier. She is usually found with a camera and either a coffee or a glass of red wine in hand.

Jill McAdoo
is a mom, RN, Bowenwork Practitioner, and photographer in the high desert pines of Northern Arizona. She brings her Nikon D610 and iPhone with her everywhere and loves the feel of a hot drink in her hands and a camera strap over her shoulder.

viviennethehours Vivienne McMaster  is a photographer and workshop leader based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. She is wild for evening light rays, forest walks and her vibrant urban neighborhood. She’s deeply passionate about helping people to use self-portraiture as a tool to see ourselves with kindness rather than critique.

Kirstin Mckee
 is a family doctor based in London who likes to shoot film and bake bread.

Jacqui Miller
lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband and two daughters. She is captivated by the human element and loves to explore movement and blur in her photographs. She is currently finding her way around a Canon 5D Mark III.

Jordan Parks
 is a portrait and lifestyle photographer residing in St. Louis, Missouri. She enjoys spending her days with her husband, three boys and ridiculously large dog Biscuit.

Erin Perry
wanders a farm every day in pursuit of her two home schooling boys, many chickens, and the ever changing light and loves to capture it all in photograph and word. When not wrangling the vegetables and chickens and kids,  she savours beach walks with her fella, forest sojourns with her family,  and a whole lot of dark roast espresso and banjo along the way.

Maria Pons
was born and raised in Spain but lives in California. She is a mama, a self taught photographer, and a teacher. She picked up her first big girl camera in 2010 and has not been able to put it down since. Her work is inspired by personal feelings with the world around her, fascinated by trying to capture her own view of everyday living. She enjoys early morning coffees, long road trips with her husband and three children, and being alone with her camera.

hours profile pic
Heather Pryor
Easily amused and often laughing. Canon girl through and through with a penchant for iPhones and old cameras, occasionally slipping a roll of film into one. Lover of her 7 year old blue eyed set of dimples, her shy brunette bombshell daughter from another mother and her amazingly supportive husband. Living the lens life in Harrisburg, PA.

Suzanne Puttman
lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, two little boys, and has another one on the way. She loves the cloudy, cozy, and moody rainy days of the Northwest and has a passion for shooting brand new little lives. Suzanne shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III and is a prime girl with lots of love for her 35mm + 50mm lenses. A former art educator turned independent photographer she is always amazed to see what life will bring next.

Vanessa Robinson
lives in Dublin, Ireland with her Basque husband and their three wild and charming boys. She juggles her job as a financial translator with helping run her husband’s food business and, in between, she shoots her feet and other sundry subjects with her phone camera and Canon 450D.

Vanessa Simpson
Chaser of light, catcher of moments. Vanessa was born and raised in the Great Basin, but now lives with her sweet family in the Pacific Northwest. She is a wedding and family photographer with a love of teaching yoga. She is on a mission to find the light and beauty on a daily basis.

deb profile pic dec 2014 Deb Taylor  is a colorful mixture of artist-photographer-blogger-foodie-hippie-beachcomber-peace seeker. She drives a sewing machine, threads a needle, paints the pages of her art journal, creates delicious foods and at the end of the day, still makes space for a walk on the beach or sunset photo-shoot. And wine. Lots of good red wine. Her fervor for life is intoxicating. She believes that drinking in all the possible moments of every single day is vital to her soul… after all, it’s what keeps her young at age 57.

Leilani Thornton Tuttle
lives in Lawrence, Kansas and loves road tripping and exploring the west with her husband and two furry boys. At 50 years young, she finds living in the present moment is easiest with a camera in her hands.

Sam Wesselhoft is a homeschooling mom and sometime landscape designer living in Northern Virgina and trying to squeeze in as much photography and cooking as she can into every day.

Tracie West
lives in Southern California in a tiny little town called La Mirada. She likes to channel her inner Pippi when at all possible. Her most favorite thing in all the world is her family of 5 and capturing little snippets of time forever with one of her Canons. (BOOM) It’s her honor and gift to see and live in every day miracles finding hearts and feathers along the way.

Daniel Wirgård
Father of three beautiful girls, married to a wonderful teacher and trying to make a living from photography. Shooting all the time, fond of expired film and keen to try new (often ancient) techniques and processes.

Laura Yurs
is a street photographer living in the Midwest with her husband, two children, and the world’s sweetest pit bull. She loves bicycles, bookstores, and bourbon. You will find her, camera in hand, wandering city streets, alleyways, and rooftops shooting both film and digital.