Tiffani Bearup
 is a single homeschooling mom working hard to prove that you can, in fact, do everything. She carries a camera with her everywhere because with it she is “eccentric creative artist” but without it she is “slightly crazy verging on significantly unbalanced and confusing”. She recently moved from California to Colorado and is excited at all the Aspen tree bokeh her photos are about to capture.

Adriana Botello
is forever searching for bits and pieces of color, and patterns, and random words that make her insides smile. While mobile photography has affectionately stolen her focus she is making plans to get back to shooting with her Canon more regularly. A Texas girl at heart she currently resides in Northern California.

Holly Clark
is a photographer from Philadelphia on a quest to find the best life has to offer at home and abroad while shooting it along the way. She loves long walks with her Aussie Major, nurturing her green thumb and drinking countless cups of coffee to an eclectic mix of music. She seeks inspiration through the lens of her camera.

Angela Hendrix-Petry
loves the idea of living in a zen retreat atmosphere: surrounded by simplicity and order with time alone daily to contemplate life while communing with nature…Ironically, life gifted her four rowdy (awesome) kids and a much beloved carpenter husband so her home life is a wild jumble of chaos, house projects and everything anti-zen! Thankfully, art/photography helps her find the grace, balance and deep connection to spirit she longs for while reminding her daily that beauty is everywhere…even in a sink full of dirty dishes.

Marie Ince
will always call herself an Arkansas girl, even though she lives in Texas with her husband of 14 years and their imaginative 12 year old son. She loves to take long road trips, listen to music extra loud, drink massive amounts of cheap coffee, obsess over baseball, and listen to storytellers. She believes a little bit of dark mixed in with the light is where the magic happens, and her camera is her trusty companion in search of it.

Jess Lewis
 is a midwesterner who migrated south and ended up in the outer burbs of Atlanta. She spends her time documenting the every day and homeschooling her two children. She has an affinity for bourbon, bumper stickers, singer/songwriters, and prime lenses.

Lisa MacIntosh
lives and shoots in Mississauga, Canada. A portrait photographer, listener of stories, doer of good deeds. She shoots with a Canon and stares at her original Canon AE1 daily, wondering when she’ll find the love she once had for film again.

Deirdre Malfatto
has almost no photos of her teenage daughters when they were little. She came to photography a little over a decade ago when she moved with her family from Manhattan, where she’d grown up, to Chatham, a rural village in New York’s Hudson Valley. She’s always wanted to garden and raise chickens, but within a few years realized she’d rather leave the dirty work up to others while she wandered around and took photos.

Suzi Marshall lives on the south west coast of Britain with her husband and two cats. She shoots with a Nikon D700 and a Polaroid Sun 660. She enjoys long walks along the beach ending with a tipple in her favourite pub.

Linda Palleschi
is a Boston born artist and photographer whose love of photography began as a child but has flourished and grown in the last fourteen years. She loves shooting Portra 400 and 160 film with her Hasselblad 500 c/m and Canon EOS 3, and also uses a Canon 60D. Linda is always looking for the perfect light, the sideways glance, the seldom-walked street. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her beloved husband Carl and three cats.

Suzanne Puttman
lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, two little boys, and has another one on the way. She loves the cloudy, cozy, and moody rainy days of the Northwest and has a passion for shooting brand new little lives. Suzanne shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III and is a prime girl with lots of love for her 35mm + 50mm lenses. A former art educator turned independent photographer she is always amazed to see what life will bring next.

Vanessa Snow is a writer, photographer and doll maker. She lives in Portugal with her two kids and their fictional pets. Likes to read books written for girls, believes the basics for life are all in the “neverending story” and enjoys the idea of Polaroids ruling the universe.
She is a knitting ninja.

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