Deborah Candeub | Orlando, Florida, USA

Andrea Golden | Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Vanessa Robinson | Dublin, Ireland

Suzanne Puttman | Portland, Oregon, USA

Tiffani Bearup | Boulder, Colorado, USA

Angela Lumsden | Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Holly Clark | Philadelphia, USA

Kirstin Mckee | London, England

Linda Silva Palleschi | Salem, Massachussetts, USA

Sara Lamp | el Segundo, California, USA

Tracie West | Los Angeles, California, USA

Angela Hendrix Petry | Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Cara Farnell | Tacoma, Washington, USA

Deirdre Malfatto | Chatham, New York, USA

Jacqui Miller | Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Vanessa Snow | Almada, Portugal

Jaime Foran | Hopatcong, New Jersey, USA

Lisa MacIntosh | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Amy Bader | State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Vanessa Simpson | Reno, Nevada, USA

Adriana Botello | San Francisco, California, USA

Heather Pryor | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Marie Ince | Texas, USA

Jess Lewis | Acworth, Georgia, USA

María Pons | Santa Clara, California, USA

Jill McAdoo | Prescott, Arizona, USA

Laura Yurs | Indianaplis, Indiana, USA

Suzi Marshall | Woolsery, England

Audrey Amaro | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Jordan Parks | St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Staci Lee Kennelly | Pasadena, California, USA

Sam Wesselhoft | Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

23 thoughts on “9am

  1. I loved what you ladies did with the dark, but oh, what you do with the light! This week is spectacular!

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  3. Maria! A Blossom street where blossoms burst! I’m impressed! I love them all very much. Being a lover of kitty cats, I can appreciate the few that landed in the 9:00 hour! I love to see that some of you are actually up and out and about in this hour. It’s inspiring. I mean I’m up for work but that’s not so exciting. Yummy breakfasts and the hustle of the city that I look forward to each month in black and white. All very, very good.

  4. Each Sunday when pictures are posted I’m blown away, I’m also put into a sense of panic. How can my images stand up to these? Thank you ladies for helping me to grow for pushing me a little harder each week. Thank you.

  5. i not only LOVE the increasing light and getting to see what you lovely ladies are doing at each new hour, i also absolutely adore the signs of SPRING coming through the new images. this is an incredible project. i am totally utterly in love…

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  7. Wonderful week friends! I love how much we all love coffee shops, and there are such lovely shots. And Tracie! You came up with an awesome shot despite all your concerns!

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  12. Oh my friends! I can see the light changing even from the beginning of the month to the end! The transitions of March — warm oatmeal to sunflowers and tulips. So fabulous!

  13. beyond the incredible beauty, it is just fascinating to me to see how our days unfold — the similarities (like in the very last grouping with Kirstin’s and Holly’s yellow flowers or the previous one with Deirdre and mine and so many others — the cats, the breakfasts, the sublime shots of your children — i could go on and on) that say we are so unlike in the space of our differences. bring 10 o’clock on! xxxooo

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