After Hours: Audrey Amaro

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Audrey Amaro who posted this image in February for 8am:

Sharon and Joe -0693

Which Camera did you use?

I used my Nikon D700, with my 50mm 1.4, my favorite lens.

Do you have any plans for the next 10 months, what do you hope to achieve this year?

I am currently doing a 365 on film, so my hope is to accomplish that. It’s proving less daunting than I imagined at first. I have a few different film cameras that I’m using, and it’s been really fun working them in to my day. My only wish was that my life was a wee bit more exciting, i feel like I’m going to have a year full of my daughters, my cats, and my owl collections. I’m hoping to include film shots for The Hours.

Was this is typical day for you?

Yes. I keep cameras lying around all the time, at arm’s reach usually. School mornings we are up by 7:30, and my kids are used to me snapping away when I’m inspired. My oldest tries to guess what I’m seeing. “Oh I think mommy likes the light shining through the window, she’s gonna take a picture of it. ” It’s funny that they are so used to my ways.

Why did you choose to post this photo?

The 8am hour is usually about the oldest getting to school. She’s not super thrilled when I get her to stop and take a picture, so I knew if I wanted to snap her, it had to be completely candid. She walks to school every morning, and I usually watch her and we wave goodbye as she goes down the steps of our house and past the fence. That morning we had fresh snow , and it was bright and sunny. I liked how pretty the neighborhood looked.

Do you usually shoot at this hour, or was this new to you?

I’m not used to shooting a whole lot during this time, I like to have a full cup of coffee in me before I do anything creative! It was a fun time of day to shoot though- I love looking for inspiration in the everyday ho hum of life. It’s magically always there, when you stop and notice.

Finally, how about a bonus picture?

mamaowl photography-9350

I decided against it because I really wanted to focus on Raven and getting her ready for school.

4 thoughts on “After Hours: Audrey Amaro

  1. I loved your choice! It’s so fun for me to see how kids get to school in different states. I loved how your Raven Girl was all snuggled up (dig her backpack too) while my Soccer player on week one was in shorts and a t-shirt getting ready for school. Those sorts of things trip me out! And I LOVE the bonus shot, I love how my peep is holding the owl in her one arm and gets me curious what she may be doing with her other arm/hand! Great stuff friend. So happy to read your story.

    Love your friend

  2. I loved hearing about your morning! What a great idea to always have a camera near by. I might need to start doing that. Love both images.

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