After Hours: Heather Pryor

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Heather Pryor who posted this image in January for 7am:

Heather Pryor

• Which camera did you use? Why?
I used my Canon T3I, Maggie. I have been relying heavily on my iPhone for photos for a long time.. I decided for this project I should get back to my roots and my big girl camera. {Fun Fact- She is named Maggie because she came to me in the spring during the one week our magnolias blossom. When she arrived I didn’t take a single shot until I drove to the nearest magnolia tree and had a love session with her and it. It was magic and now she is named Maggie}

• Do you have any plans for the next 11 months/what do you hope to achieve through the year?
I am currently working on my 2nd 365 (not consecutive) over instagram {see above}. I’ve been #shakingitout over there with some of the other hours members too. I didn’t plan to keep it going, but it’s kind of addictive! I hope that my “big girl camera rule” for this project will get back to shooting more of my day to day.

• Was this a typical day for you?
My husband and I take turns getting our Boy on the bus during the week so this is pretty typical of a Wednesday morning for me. His bus comes at 7:59 so it is cutting it close to the 7am dead line!

• Why did you choose to post this photo?
I left the house with the intent to capture this crazy morning mist in this alley we wait at, but he is so darn cute I just couldn’t resist! I took this while he was laughing about me asking him to pose all seriously. I got the serious shot, but this one just took me to the moment and made me feel the joy.. I hope it does you too.

• Do you usually shoot at this hour or was this new for you?
I’m actually pretty lucky in that the Boy is good sleeper.. During the weekends we usually are up around 8. Weekday mornings start early, but are hectic so, no. I don’t think Maggie even knew there was a such thing as 7am!

• Finally, how about a bonus picture?


10 thoughts on “After Hours: Heather Pryor

  1. I love our collective project but almost more than the images I appreciate this after hours portion even more because life is about connections, relationships and we can imagine what was going on in the image, or we can make up thoughts about it because images do hold power but words bring it full circle for me and I love the back stories behind the images people picked. This is where I could spend more time, knowing each and every story behind each image in the hours. Fully enjoyed this read and the bonus image. Great work Heather.

  2. I am with Traci: I love getting to know each other better and learning about each others process!! I love both the images–your boy is so very joyful and i would be very drawn to that mist as well. So wonderful!!!!

  3. Super cute shot. This section really is a treat, I like to learn about the people and stories behind the photos. I definitely second that it was cool learning about Maggie, can’t say I’ve thought to name my “big girl camera”. It’s interesting how we can set out in search of something specific and come up with a completely different shot that we love, yet another similarity this project shows us.


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