Small Hours: Jan 26th

It’s been an epic week on The Hours. Our final batch of 7am images are posted today and they look great! Now that the 7am post is complete, it’s really interesting to see the range and variety of our different images, and also some unexpected similarities. The idea of doing a collective portrait of a particular time of day, and the various ways people experience it, seems to be working really well.

We were honoured to be featured on the Flickr blog, which described The Hours as “a wonderful project” which they will be watching “very closely” (so no pressure there, then). Our appearance on the Flickr blog boosted participation in our Flickr group, which now has lots more followers and submissions as a result. This week Staci Lee Kennelly picked two of her favourites images from the Flickr group in a mid-week “After Hours” post which will become a regular feature.

All in all it’s been a great way to end the month, and a really fantastic start to our project. And next week we’re up at 8am! See you then!

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