After Hours: Staci Lee Kennelly

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group will tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. Starting the ball rolling is Staci Lee Kennelly, who posted this image in January for 7am:


• Which camera did you use, and why?
I used my Mamiya M645. I knew that it would deliver the dreamy feel I was wanting for 7am. It is also why I chose Kodak Portra 400. I knew it would give me those muted morning colors.

• Do you have any specific photographic plans for the rest of the year?
No, not yet. I have been thinking about doing the whole year on film.

• Was this a typical day for you?
For January? Yes. My Japanese Magnolia tree is my favorite thing to photograph in January. I am thinking of capturing it with all my cameras this month. I love the idea of a tree blooming in the middle of winter. It gives me such hope.

• Why did you choose this particular photo to post?
I liked how the petals were messy… reminded me of 7am morning bed head.

• Do you usually shoot at this hour or was this new for you?
Yes, I do. Here in Southern California, 7am is sunrise in during the winter. I love the morning and evening light. There is something about starting your day with capturing light. It helps me find light for the rest of the day.

• Finally, how about a bonus picture?new2

We’ll be updating the 7am post on Sunday with more images. And we want you to be a part of The Hours, too! Please submit your 7am images to our new Flickr group for your chance to be featured on “After Hours”. We look forward to seeing them!

13 thoughts on “After Hours: Staci Lee Kennelly

  1. Staci, I think I love this tree as much as you do! This is my third year witnessing it bloom through your photographs and it always bring me a much-needed lift during such a dark time of year here. This is just gorgeous, and BONUS! . . . it’s film! xo, a

  2. I have to say I looked at your bloom with envy! Thank you for sharing it and for brightening up my grey Winter’s day x

  3. I love it Staci! I love the bed head analogy, that brought a big smile to my face!
    I love how this winter blooming tree gives you hope, that is wonderful, and so beautiful. That’s what happens in February around where I love, when you spot your very first crocus.
    So good.

  4. the magnolia is my very favourite tree–i look forward to these trees blossoming every year and carl and i have a very special spot for a huge one that is right on salem common!!! i love the bedhead analogy!!! it is a beautiful shot and i think it will be a great project to photograph the tree with all of your splendid cameras!!! xxxooo

  5. I really, really love this after hours because well, if any of you know me well, I like to know the stories. The picture may sort of tell a story but mostly it’s my made up story until I know the real thing so it’s nice to hear/read the real thing. This makes this blog even more personal and I’m so into the connection part of this life. Thank you for sharing and the bonus shot is super cool too. I love the part about hope my friend. That part is really good and the light.

  6. Oh Staci, I am still jealous of your California winter — but I will forgive you! 😉
    I love that you shot this with medium format. Someday, I’d like to try that. I so admire you dedicated film shooters! Can’t wait to see next months!

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  9. if only you could see my bedhead right now, friend! and my grin… i loved reading through this post and taking in the beauty of your gorgeous blooming tree. thank you. xo

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