Small Hours: Jan 19th

It’s been a great first week here at The Hours! After launching last Sunday we followed up with the first of a series of “After Hours” profile posts, featuring Staci Lee Kennelly. Today we’ve updated this month’s post with new 7am images from Jess Lewis, Suzi Marshall, Lisa MacIntosh, Heather Pryor, Deidre Malfatto, Linda Silva PalleschiAndrea Golden, Cara Farnell and Jaime Foran.

We also set up a Flickr group where you can join in. Share your 7am images with us for a chance to be featured on The Hours. We’ve shared glimpses of our lives, and it’s great to see glimpses of yours! We’ve also set ourselves up on Twitter, so please follow @thehours2014 to keep up with what we’re doing, and use our hashtag #thehours2014. And of course there’s a Facebook page if you’d like to follow us there.

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