After Hours: Deirdre Malfatto

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Deirdre Malfatto who chose this image in September for 3pm:


•Which camera did you use? Why?
My Nikon D7000. It’s my main camera. I keep it on a long strap over my shoulder and take it everywhere I go, with just an extra lens in my bag. I occasionally shoot film, but the convenience of digital always wins for me.

•What do you hope to achieve through the year?
I had hoped to take photographs that when seen together told a story of my life through a day and through a year. I’ve had to let that go for a few reasons: First, I’ve discovered through this project that much of the middle of my days is rather unstructured, and it’s the earlier and later hours where those storytelling moments tend to happen in my life. And second, finding light I’m happy with during the middle of the day has also been a challenge, so for the last few months I have just been happy to get photos I like, even if they don’t exactly tell my story.

•Was this a typical day for you?
Sort of. This greenhouse is behind a farm market I shop at regularly. When I shop there, if I have a few extra minutes, I like to explore behind-the-scenes with my camera. They’re very accommodating to me there 🙂 I went a little earlier on this particularly day than usual, hoping I’d find my 3pm shot.

•Why did you choose to post this photo?
I knew it was “the one” as soon as I took it. The composition, light, and color sang out to me.

•Do you usually shoot at this hour or was this new for you?
I always have my camera with me, and if I see something interesting, I shoot. But the hours between about 10 to 3 are usually less visually interesting because the sun is overhead. 3pm at this time of year is when the light is starting to get interesting again.

I don’t really have outtakes as I knew pretty quickly that this was the photo I was going to use, but here’s a sampling of the goodies that I found inside the market at 3pm that day:


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