After Hours: Jacqui Miller

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Jacqui Miller who chose this image in August for 2pm:


Which camera did you use?
Canon 5D Mark iii with a Canon 100mm macro 2.8 lens.

Was this a typical day for you?
Yes and No. Once a month my husband has a week at home and we spend much of that time doing touristy things in our city: shooting, eating, drinking etc. I shot this image on a day that he was with me. Just a few of hours earlier he’d taken me to my favourite camera store in the city and bought me the macro lens as an early present for my 40th birthday. On the way home, we stopped at Kings Park so I could play with it. I’ve hardly had it off the camera since — it’s beautiful.

Why did you choose to post this photo?
Every month I try to choose an image that is either a highlight of my month or a true depiction of the specific time of day that we’re shooting. This image was a definite highlight, for two reasons. Firstly, and quite obviously, the new lens (need I say more). Secondly, it was a beautiful day and I was with my man.

Do you usually shoot at this hour or was this new for you?
It’s not an every day occurrence but, as mentioned previously, once a month it’s quite normal for me to be out shooting with my husband at this time of the day. Usually, though, we can be found in the middle of the city or near the beach. Stopping at a park to shoot was definitely new.

And a final shot from you?
Sure, this is quite often what our weekends look like at 2pm. We like to walk with bubbles.


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