After Hours: Deborah Candeub

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Deborah Candeub who chose this image in July for 1pm:


•Which camera did you use and why?

This image was taken on my Nikon D90 with a Lensbaby Edge80 optic. I spent most of the 1-2:00pm hour in the garden the Saturday that I made this photo, first shooting with a medium format film camera and then, as backup with the digital, because I wasn’t sure I’d get my film back in time. It was good thing I did, because I still don’t have my film back.

Since I didn’t want to shoot the exact same images in digital as I had just made on film, I chose the Lensbaby because it really forces me to see things differently.

•Was this a typical day for you?

Not really. We’re usually out and about on a Saturday afternoon. This was a very lazy summer afternoon. We have precious few of them, and I was glad to be able to check on my vegetables, and observe the bees at their work. I usually have a garden aswarm with butterflies this time by mid-July, but this year all varieties have been incredibly scarce. The bees have been out in profusion, though, all shapes and sizes.

•Why did you choose this photo?

I usually know the shot I’m going to choose as I shoot it, but that wasn’t the case this month. This photo really surprised me in processing, and I had to admit it was stronger than the one I had originally intended to submit.

•Do you usually shoot at this time of day?

On a weekend I’ve got a camera out with me wherever my family’s adventures or errands take us, so I’d definitely shoot at 1:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, no matter the season or weather. During the week, though, I’m unlikely to pick up a camera at 1:00.

•And a final image, or several from you?

afterhoursextras-2 afterhoursextras-3 afterhoursextras

3 thoughts on “After Hours: Deborah Candeub

  1. I sure love that you shoot film and have such patience. I have had the same roll of film in my camera for over a year now….maybe even more!! I’m terrible about it. It’s always a mystery when I decide to finish it off and take it in for processing. I love the image you picked it’s so graceful to me but at the same time bold, that’s probably the color. The last image you share here in this space, it’s my favorite though.

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