After Hours: Jill McAdoo

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Jill McAdoo who posted this image in May for 11am:


•Which camera did you use?

Nikon D610. 50mm lens.

•What do you hope to achieve through the year?

This project has already pushed me to pick up my camera when I usually don’t. I plan to keep pushing myself and take the next leap, which for me is bringing my camera with me to my full-time job and hunting photos during lunch. Before the end of the year I would love to take a kick-ass portrait of a stranger. You know, the kind that shoots straight through your soul and gives you chills.

•Was this a typical day for you?

This was a typical weekend day for me and my family. We spend a lot of time outside. The kids pick their own clothes and my toddler insists on wearing his shorts backwards, so this captures their typical wardrobe sensibilities. It was a bit of luck that they were positioned together and paused for a moment before charging off to conquer the backyard.

•Why did you choose to post this photo?

I had several photos I felt strongly about, but all for different reasons. In the end I chose this photo because it most embodied 11am. The morning was in full swing with lots of confident color and the day was ours for the taking. As one of my friends noted, it “screams happy childhood.” I like to think so too.

•Do you usually shoot at this hour or was this new for you?

Working an 8-5 job can really put a damper on taking photos at certain times of the day. On week days I rarely take photos during this time because I am at my office job. Weekends are a different story: my camera is pretty much attached to me or within reach at all times. I like to think that I take photos at all times of the day, but I tend to take most of my photos in the evening when the light is so enticing. I wouldn’t say shooting at this hour was new to me, but I do inherently try to avoid mid day light because it can be so harsh. It feels like more of a battle to get the photo I want, but I do like that it challenges my command of the camera.

•And a final image from you. Or indeed several?


_JMP1247.w (1)

Jill.McAdoo.11AM (1)

3 thoughts on “After Hours: Jill McAdoo

  1. Jill, I adore the kids colorful wardrobe it’s what drew me in and then I began to think I smelt pine because the path they are playing on is just so perfect. I can’t wait to meet your stranger. Well done plus you make me want to pull out my 50mm it used to never leave my camera but I have not used it all this year.

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