After Hours: Linda Silva Palleschi

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Linda Silva Palleschi who posted this image in April for 10am:

•Which camera did you use?

Hasselblad 500 C/M

•Do you have any plans for the next 9 months? What do you hope to achieve this year?

My only concrete plan is to take photos every day and improve my eye, gain better technical knowledge and shoot what grabs my heart. I am always ready as I carry at least one camera with me at all times. More and more I gravitate toward my film cameras because I truly enjoy that certain something that is the quality of film. In addition to the love of film as it appears is my desire to get it “right” (whatever that right is for me) on film. To get back a roll of film and have photographs that I feel reflect exactly what I wanted to say is the biggest thrill! I am like a kid in a candy store looking at my scans and when I feel that joy there is nothing else like it!!!

I find I gravitate towards quiet, reflective spots in the midst of a maddening crowd. Cafes, coffee shops, restaurants are my very favorite spots to both sit and journal and reflect and shoot. Right now I am away from my job and I have lots of time to wander the streets and shoot and then sit and have a latte–I am very fortunate indeed. But with this time come the questions: what am I doing this FOR? And the only, and most important, answer is this: because it is my passion. That is all. Anything else that comes with it is just extra.

My great ambition would be to be relaxed enough to take serious portraits–to try to capture the soul on film. Until then I work very hard to capture the souls of my cats!

•Was this a typical day for you?

It was a typical day for “now”! Normally I would be at work but it would be a typical day for a weekend shot.

•Why did you choose this photo?

Actually I struggled with which shot to take! I had made a promise to myself that this whole series would be taken with my Hasselblad but I had shots from other cameras that I really loved and several from this particular 120 roll. So, I am ashamed to say, I asked Kirstin to make the decision for me! I actually did hesitate including this shot because I wondered if I were becoming boring because the last two “The Hours” shots were also in diners/cafes! But I did love it!!! I had loved sitting in the seat and writing and then taking the shot. It was a glorious day!

•Do you usually shoot at this hour or was it new to you?

I do usually shoot at all hours on the weekends! But this was taken in the middle of the week so that was usual for now/unusual for most of my life! Well, actually I do shoot IN work when I have the chance and the sun is glorious!!! I guess the real answer then I do shoot at all hours!

•And a final image from you. Or indeed several?




4 thoughts on “After Hours: Linda Silva Palleschi

  1. That car In the last image, oh my. I like the one that was chosen, it is very much a “Linda” image and I like the story it tells. Plus, I just want to curl up in that ball of sun!

  2. I love how we trust Kirstin so much, I also asked her this week to pick between two. I love the one she choose because it’s so very Linda to me. I like the image of you sitting in that very chair, near the window with your coffee and journal and camera of course. The car, it’s very great too. I love that you made rules for yourself. What do you know. I did too! xo

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