After Hours: Laura Yurs

In these “After Hours” posts, members of the group tell the stories behind the pictures they have posted, and explain what motivates and inspires them. This week we have Laura Yurs who posted this image in April for 10am:


Which camera did you use?

Canon 5D Markiii, 35mm lens

Do you have any plans for the next 9 months? What do you hope to achieve this year?

My plan is simply to keep shooting on the streets. It’s harder than it sounds. Indianapolis isn’t a huge city and people notice when I have my camera out. I work hard to capture individuals naturally as opposed to staged shots. I strive to look at the city in different ways and sometimes that requires me to take a step back and reconsider my perspective. For me, it isn’t just walking down the street and making photographs. I think about how I can access rooftops, which alleyways have good light, where people congregate, and which days of the week are busiest. I find that there are certain buildings I’m drawn to for the architecture and favorite bus stops that always have interesting characters. Often, it’s being in the right place at the right time and paying attention. Life is constantly unfolding. For this project, I hope to achieve the flow of the city throughout the day.

Was this a typical day for you?

I would say that it was pretty typical day. I travel all over the city for work and my camera is always with me. I often shoot from the car!

Why did you choose to post this photo?

I struggled with the 10am hour. I was drawn repeatedly to the delivery trucks unloading food to restaurants and to the street corners busy with pedestrians. All month long I kept finding myself stuck in construction traffic with difficult parking. On this morning, I looked around and saw the construction arrows blinking at me and I grabbed the camera. I think it shows the morning rush for people who commute by automobile. I’ve captured people waiting at bus stops and people walking to work and I like how this compliments that.

Do you usually shoot at this hour or was it new for you?

Years ago, I was sitting at a stoplight downtown when three older gentlemen in tuxedos walked out of an opera store and crossed the street. The light that evening was amazing; the kind of light that leaves you in awe. Gorgeous, golden light. They were handsome men and walked in unison. Picture perfect. I missed it because I didn’t have a camera with me. Since that evening, I always, always, always have a camera with me. For street photography, I believe it’s essential. I shoot at all hours.

And a final image from you. Or indeed several?

781A5047 781A5029 781A5023

5 thoughts on “After Hours: Laura Yurs

  1. My favorite part always….the stories behind the work. I really, really, really love the bottom picture of the old fella walking one way when the sign reads one way, as in the other way!! All great and interesting photo’s. That’s what I love about your work. It’s interesting and there are details that I often don’t see on the first viewing. You see all the little important details. Timing really is everything.

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