Adriana Botello | San Francisco, California

Tiffani Bearup | Colorado, USA

Angela Lumsden | Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

Angela Hendrix Petry | Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Vanessa Robinson | Dublin, Ireland

Deborah Candeub | Arlington, Virginia, USA

Vanessa Simpson | Reno, Nevada, USA

Sara Lamp | el Segundo, California, USA

Jacqui Miller | Perth, Western Australia

Holly Clark | Philadelphia, USA

Jess Lewis | Acworth, Georgia, USA

Suzi Marshall | Woolsery, England, UK

Lisa MacIntosh | Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Heather Pryor | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Deirdre Malfatto | Chatham, New York, USA

Linda Silva Palleschi | Salem Massachussetts, USA

Andrea Golden | Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Cara Farnell | Tacoma, Washington, USA

Jaime Foran | Hopatcong, New Jersey, USA

Suzanne Puttman | Portland, Oregon, USA

replich-3126Jordan Parks | St Louis, Missouri, USA

replich-3126Sam Wesselhoft | Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

replich-3126Tracie West | Los Angeles, California, USA

replich-3126Audrey Amaro | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Laura YursLaura Yurs | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Maite PonsMaite Pons | Santa Clara, California, USA

Marie InceMarie Ince | Texas, USA

StaciStaci Lee Kennelly | Pasadena, California, USA

Vanessa SnowVanessa Snow | Almada, Portugal

mcadoo.JAN14.webJill McAdoo | Prescott, Arizona, USA

bader7amAmy Bader | State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Kirstin Mckee | Aldeburgh, UK


69 thoughts on “7am

  1. i feel so soothed, like all is right with the world, when i scroll through all these images…i LOVE this project.

  2. I saw this early yesterday, and then was out the door so fast, I forgot to leave my comment.
    Oh it’s so pretty, seeing all the photos together.
    Much love to you all.
    I’m excited to see what 8am brings.

  3. each on it’s own is lovely, each week taken together tells a story, and the way the weeks build to a month’s worth of images – it blows me away! and it makes me so excited to see how the story grows hour-by-hour, week by week, month-by-month.

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  5. Beautiful montage of the everyday lives of humans globally captured for a moment precisely in time – woven together create a warm tapestry like a comfortable blanket I would have been smuggled under at this time in Sydney if I were involved in the project… @ 7am – still Sleeping in for just a few more minutes before my alarm
    Goes off for work! The daily grind…

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